Let Custom Packaging be your Game Changer

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February 25, 2021
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Let Custom Packaging be your Game Changer.


In todays crowded and rapidly expanding ecommerce market, quite simply ‘first impressions count’!

Golden Moment  -  When your package arrives, it will be the first physical interaction that your company has withyour customer. That ‘golden moment’ is when you can leave lasting memories, don’t lose it by allowing their order to arrive in anon-descript cheap box , possibly with foreign stamps, 3rd party manufacturer contents and irrelevant, or worse still, original pricing paperwork inside.  I’m sure we have all heard some ‘howler stories’ !


Customise their experience  – From quality, secure packaging, to appropriately placing your company logo and any short company messages on the external packaging, look to ‘put a smile on your customers face’ as they take delivery of their order. Start to generate that ‘special feeling ’ that they are glad they ordered on line from you.


Unpacking experience – You have your customer ‘captured for 60 seconds’. In that time you can create an ultra-important and everlasting ‘emotional bond’ . From an initial layer of fine tissue paper through to Handwritten notes, invoices, vouchers and receipts allprinted with your company logo on eco-friendly, luxury card for that added quality feel.


Developing your Brand – by doing customised packagingyou are not only outmanoeuvring your competitors using cheaper and howler proneoptions, but also developing your own brand identity incorporating your Company logo and key messages. Importantly, you are generating a feeling of trust and security in a volatile e-commerce market.


Thanking your customer  -  This is not just an opportunity to generate repeat business but also the opportunity to create ‘brand ambassadors’. Through their overall  ‘custom packaging experience’ potentially combined with small repeat order or introduce a friend incentives, you can have your customers talking to their friend and family all about you!

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