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Sending multiple products to one customer? We can package them together and send them to your customer. Questions? Contact us.

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Order bundling for e-com

Multiple items being sent to the same customer? Don't want them turning up at different times to your customer? We wait for all of your items to turn up at our warehouse, package them together, then ship one big package to your customer.

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1. Order

Receive multiple orders on your store from the same customer.

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2. Notify

Message our team quickly and easily via the dashboard to let us know which orders you require bundling for.

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3. Bundle

Our team will wait for all of your orders to arrive and bundle them into one branded package.

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4. Ship

We ship all of the products in one order to your customer, the next working day.

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*Launching soon 2019 - Available primarily for UK merchants selling to the UK, however shipping to other countries is available
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