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Your Brand, Supercharged.


Easily customisable, a variety of options and distinctive to your brand.


Pay when you make a sale. No minimum orders, no minimum amount.

accelerated Marketing

Highly-targeted packaging inserts means you can directly advertise to your customers.

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How Does It Work?

Check out the full process below.
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You sign up quickly and easily, link your Shopify store to our unique dashboard, then customise and design your brands unique new packaging.

(We Work With Other Platforms, Just Get In Touch!)


You make a sale and send your order to us, instead of your customer.

Package + ship

We remove any foreign import stamps or packaging, repackage the order in your brands unique new packaging and add any extras you have selected.


Your customer receives their branded, luxury packaged order, without any foreign writing, import stamps or receipts, the next working day, fully tracked and insured.

Each stage of the process and delivery is easily tracked through your account on our dashboard, we even provide you a tracking number that you can send to your customers.

Unleash The Power Of Packaging

• 52% Of Consumers Are Likely To Make Repeat Purchases From An Online Store That Delivers Orders In Premium Packaging*.

• 40% Of Online Shoppers Say The Use Of Branded Packaging Affects Their Perception Of A Brand*.

Why are you still using standard packaging?

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Only pay when you select an item to receive custom packaging. No minimum orders and no minimum amount.

Increase loyalty

Improve your customers loyalty as they receive a luxury packaged product with no import stamps or damage.

Sync With Shopify

Our dashboard syncs with your Shopify store through our app, so you can order custom packaging with one click.

Next Day Delivery

After packaging your order we will deliver it to your customer the next day. Adding only one day to the total fulfilment time.

UK Origin

With the removal of import stamps your product will have the appearance of being manufactured in the UK.

Track your parcels

Each order is fully tracked and insured, providing you and your customers reassurance about the order.

Repeat Purchases

Luxury packaging and improved customer satisfaction will lead to a higher rate in repeat purchases.

Quality Control

We inspect and photograph each order thoroughly to ensure your customer will be happy with the quality.

How Does It Work?

A done-for-you solution.

An easy to use dashboard. Custom packaging for any product with one click.
Syncs With Shopify

To save you as much time as possible, our dashboard automatically syncs with your store to display all your orders. You are then ready to receive custom packaging for your orders.

Similar to Oberlo we understand Dropshippers want processes to be quick and easy.

Make returns a thing of the past.

Hate dealing with returns? We do too, check out how we can help out below.
Expert Quality Control

We take the time to make sure your product is in an acceptable condition for your customer to receive. We also remove any foreign stamps, writing and receipts.

Picture COntrol

After we have carefully checked your product we then take a picture of it before sending. You can even request that we send these too you for every order.

Additional Extras

Additional extras you can add to any order - We are constantly adding new extras!
Hand-written Note

Our team will hand-write a custom note addressed directly to your customer from your store.

Coupon Code

Use coupon codes on your store?
We can send them directly to your customer with their order.

Share suggestion

Include a share suggestion so your customers are more likely to share their product on social media.


Thinking of selling a new product or opening a new store? Market your idea to your existing customers.

How Does It Work?

Have a look at our packaging comparison.

Our customisable packaging compared to some of the biggest e-commerce suppliers.

What would your customers prefer?

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do the honors,
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On rainy days I like to go outside and splash around in the puddles.


This mist relaxes me as I take long drives down the highway.


The Packaging.

Take a look at our unique and elegant packaging - fully customisable to your brand.

Other options available on request.

We ❤ DropShippers.

Check out our most frequently asked questions from our community of dropshippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this actually work?

You change the shipping address of your order to our packaging facility instead of your customers address.

We receive the order and custom package it to your requirements (that you select on our dashboard).

The order is then sent to your customer next day, fully tracked and insured up to £20.

Are my products covered if they are lost or damaged?

Yes. Every single item we package and ship for you is covered up to £20. Plus with the Starter and Pro plan we will send you a picture of every item we send. So you know it was sent safely and not damaged.

Where can my parcels be sent?

Our service is built for the UK, however we are able to send parcels worldwide. We are already in the process of offering our service in other countries. Click here to be notified when we roll out to other locations.

Are my items tracked?

Yes your items will be fully tracked when we dispatch them to your customer. The parcels are shipped with next day signed for delivery. This will assure the safety of your parcel.

How much do you add to the total fulfilment time?

When we receive your item we will package and dispatch the item to your customer within 1 working day. We will then notify you when the item has been dispatched to your customer.

Why use our service?

There are many different reasons why you should use our service, for a list of our top benefits check them out here.

Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at Shopify store owners who sell to the UK and wish to accelerate their stores revenue and increase customer experience. We take your store to the next level.

What size parcels can you handle?

In our standard plans you can ship items up to 1kg in weight and maximum dimensions of 29cm x 20.8cm x 9.5cm. If you will be selling items heavier than this, then please contact us here.

What is the different between a thank you card and a coupon code?

A thank you card is a little note placed in every package simply thanking the customer for purchasing an item from your store. This is preset and cannot be changed. The coupon code is a customized note in the package which gives your customer a voucher code to redeem on their next purchase. This will increase your customers repeat purchase rate.

I ship difficult or oddly shaped items - such as posters or fragile disks - can I still use your service?

Yes, if you shape oddly shaped items please get in touch with us and we will walk you through the various options we have to keep your item safe during transportation and delivery.

What logo is put on my orders?

You simply upload your business logo to your dashboard and that is the name and logo we will put on to all of your packages and coupon code.

I don't use Shopify but i want to use your service, can you help?

Absolutley! We have future plans to incorporate other e-commerce platforms into our dashboard, but for the moment get in contact with us here.

Do you offer seasonal packaging?

Yes! We offer packaging for every major season/holiday. We also offer additional extras such as hampers, hand-written notes, and alot more!

My supplier/sourcing agent offers custom packaging for cheaper, why would i use your service?

There are three main reasons to use our service rather than your supplier/sourcing agents packaging:

The packages will still be coming from a foreign country and therefore will turn up to your customer covered in import stamps, prices and receipts. This lets your customer know the product has originated from a foreign country, which instantly devalues the product in your customers mind.

Items often arrive in damaged and broken packaging when shipped from foreign countries.

Thirdly, packaging from foreign countries is often poor quality. SimpShip sources the highest quality packaging to use for your orders and a variety of additional extras for any order.

Do you offer environmentally friendly packaging?

Of course! SimpShip is committed to ensuring we have eco-friendly options available to all of our customers, no matter what plan they are on. Contact us for more information!

I send food/edible items, can you help?

Of course! SimpShip aims to help any business, regardless of the product. Contact us for more information!

A Smart Investment

Ready to supercharge your dropshipping store? You can add extras to any plan!


£4.99 per order

Our most basic custom packaging plan with your stores brand logo printed in colour, along with one additional extra.
Custom Branded Packaging
Secure, Protected Packaging
Tracked Next Day Delivery
Chinese packaging/receipts/Import stamps removed
UK Delivery Partner
Expert Quality Control
Reduce Return Rates
High quality UK packaging
One Extra
Logo printed in colour
Picture Of Product Before Packaged
Picture taken after product packaged
Select Package   →


£6.49 per order

Our most popular packaging plan enables you to have your stores logo printed in colour, aswell as photo security and two additional extras.
Custom Branded Packaging
Secure, Protected Packaging
Tracked Next Day Delivery
Chinese packaging/receipts/Import stamps removed
UK Delivery Partner
Expert Quality Control
Reduce Return Rates
High quality UK packaging
Two Extras
Logo printed in colour
Picture Of Product Before Packaged
Picture taken after product packaged
Select Package   →


£6.99 per order

Our Gold plan lets you have your stores logo printed in colour, photo security and three additional extras.
Custom Branded Packaging
Secure, Protected Packaging
Tracked Next Day Delivery
Chinese packaging/receipts/Import stamps removed
UK Delivery Partner
Expert Quality Control
Reduce Return Rates
High quality UK packaging
Three Extras
Logo printed in colour
Picture Of Product Before Packaged
Picture taken after product packaged
Select Package   →
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